Customer Praise

We love to get comments from our customers. Thank You!

Jeni Jones, Heber City, UT:  “Holy cow! Waffles are 10/10! Yuuuuuum! Crispy perfection! THANK YOU!”

Charlie M, Lakeside AZ:  “We had our first breakfast of these wonderful waffles this morning. On a scale of 1 to ten they are a 12!  I thought with the red wheat, they might be a bit heavy, but I am totally blown away with their lightness.”

Betsy G (Tracy, CA): “To say that my son is a picky eater is an understatement.  There are only a handful of foods he WILL eat.  So when he enthusiastically started eating the pancakes I made from Wasatch Waffles, I was ecstatic!  He now makes his own “Nutella Tacos” multiple times a week by spreading Nutella on his pancake and folding it up like a taco.  Thank you, Wasatch Waffles for taking one meal of the day (sometimes two 😉) off my plate!”

Tessa R (Sandy, UT): “We have loved Wasatch Waffles. My littlest boy has asked for them every day.”

Candy W (Heber City, UT): “The pancakes are a hit! Thanks!! :)”

Jennifer Tumolo-Vicari (Setauket, NY): “This mix is delicious and nutritious. I highly recommend you try it. Once you do, you will never go back to anything else. It is simply the best. I never had such great tasting pancakes before.”

Shyla Brunner Bradshaw (Centereach, NY), Facebook Review: “These waffles are the absolute best! I was sad when my friend who made these for me in her kitchen moved to Utah. It made me so excited to know I could have the waffle mix delivered to my door!! It’s like having an old friend over for breakfast.”

Charwritesbooks (Draper, UT): “Hi Beverly—We tried your waffle mix last weekend. So yummy! Thank you!”

Adam Stuetz (Chapel Hill, NC): “We had your waffles for breakfast this morning. Way good!”

Sherry C (Midway, UT): “Waffles are YUM! The first thing that popped into my head is a bit of joy...I’ve got our neighborhood Christmas gifts figured out! “

(I used grass-fed cow butter and the result is great!

Your balance of whole grain is perfect. People who resist 100% whole grain will like these.”

Loving the egginess

You’ve got a winner.”

I used to use Arrowhead Mills Multigrain...this is better than that, and WAY better than kodiak. Not even in the same league. T has a boatload of waffles in the freezer. He is happy!”)

Carolina H (Heber City, UT): “We made the waffles, they were delicious!”

Laura F (Franklin, TN): “We enjoyed your waffle mix, it is just so good!!”

Cathy M (Setauket, NY): “We tried the waffles. They were delicious. I loved how they cooked and came out more solid. Sometimes waffles get soggy.  They were so good.”

ReNae Dalton (Dairy Free): “I just had to let you know I made some waffles this morning. They were delicious. Thank you for introducing them to us.”

Todd MacDonald (East Setauket, NY): “Just had your waffles. They were great!”

Amber F (Heber City, UT): “Your waffles are amazing! I’m so proud of you for doing this. How cool. We’ve all had them for breakfast & loved them.”

Amanda F (Leavenworth, KS):  “Wasatch Waffles are a win!!! We had them for dinner last night and am making them for lunch right now..they are universally beloved! Pancakes were divine.”

Kristen Brown (Syracuse,UT):  

Feb 2020,

I made your pancakes yesterday and they were SO GOOD! I loved them so much and am going to need to buy another batch from you soon. We made the rest as waffles yesterday and they were even better. I really do want a big batch! Let me know how to send you a payment because I’m sold!”

June 22, 2020

“Hey! Just letting you know we’ve already used an entire bag of waffles over the weekend and they were perfection!”

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