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We love to get comments from our customers. Thank You!

Jeni J, Heber City, UT:  Holy cow! Waffles are 10/10! Yuuuuuum! Crispy perfection! THANK YOU!

Andrew S, West Valley City, UT: Here is my 2 cents... I tried your waffle mix along side of Lehi Mills - and you blew them out of the water. Your packaging and product are definitely top notch.

Charlie M, Lakeside AZ:  “We had our first breakfast of these wonderful waffles this morning. On a scale of 1 to ten they are a 12!  I thought with the red wheat, they might be a bit heavy, but I am totally blown away with their lightness.”

Betsy G, Tracy, CA: “To say that my son is a picky eater is an understatement.  There are only a handful of foods he WILL eat.  So when he enthusiastically started eating the pancakes I made from Wasatch Waffles, I was ecstatic!  He now makes his own “Nutella Tacos” multiple times a week by spreading Nutella on his pancake and folding it up like a taco.  Thank you, Wasatch Waffles for taking one meal of the day (sometimes two 😉) off my plate!”

Tessa R, Sandy, UT: “We have loved Wasatch Waffles. My littlest boy has asked for them every day.”

Candy W, Heber City, UT: “The pancakes are a hit! Thanks!! :)”

Jennifer V, Setauket, NY: “This mix is delicious and nutritious. I highly recommend you try it. Once you do, you will never go back to anything else. It is simply the best. I never had such great tasting pancakes before.”

Shyla B, Centereach, NY: “These waffles are the absolute best! I was sad when my friend who made these for me in her kitchen moved to Utah. It made me so excited to know I could have the waffle mix delivered to my door!! It’s like having an old friend over for breakfast.”

Charlotte H, Draper, UT: “Hi Beverly—We tried your waffle mix last weekend. So yummy! Thank you!”

Adam S, Chapel Hill, NC: “We had your waffles for breakfast this morning. Way good!”

Sherry C, Midway, UT: “Waffles are YUM! The first thing that popped into my head is a bit of joy...I’ve got our neighborhood Christmas gifts figured out!  I used grass-fed cow butter and the result is great! Your balance of whole grain is perfect. People who resist 100% whole grain will like these. Loving the egginess. You’ve got a winner.  I used to use Arrowhead Mills Multigrain...this is better than that, and WAY better than Kodiak. Not even in the same league. T has a boatload of Wasatch Waffles in the freezer. He is happy!”

Carolina H, Heber City, UT: “We made the waffles, they were delicious!”

Laura F, Franklin, TN: “We enjoyed your waffle mix, it is just so good!!”

Cathy M, Setauket, NY: “We tried the waffles. They were delicious. I loved how they cooked and came out more solid. Sometimes waffles get soggy.  They were so good.”

ReNae D, Heber City, UT: Dairy Free: I just had to let you know I made some waffles this morning. They were delicious. Thank you for introducing them to us.

Todd M, East Setauket, NY: Just had your waffles. They were great!

Amber F, Heber City, UT: “Your waffles are amazing! We’ve all had them for breakfast & loved them.”

Amanda F, Leavenworth, KS:  “Wasatch Waffles are a win!!! We had them for dinner last night and am making them for lunch right now.. they are universally beloved! Pancakes were divine.”

Kristen B, Syracuse, UT:  I made your pancakes yesterday and they were SO GOOD! I loved them so much and am going to need to buy another batch soon. We made the rest as waffles yesterday and they were even better. I really do want a big batch! I’m sold!  After 2nd order: Hey! Just letting you know we’ve already used an entire bag of waffles over the weekend and they were perfection!

Anthony V, Rancho Cordova, UT:  We made waffles here on Sunday and they were delicious! We took your suggestion of using buttermilk and butter and it turned out great Thank you again for the bag! We will be ordering more in the future :-)

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  • Kate

    My sister in law came for a visit to GA and brought a package of your waffle mix-she fixed us breakfast and oh my goodness these were great! she left us the rest of the open package, we will definitely be ordering from you soon.

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