Why Wasatch Waffles?

It's funny how when were kids, we don't always appreciate the awesome things Mom does for us. As one of 6 children, I grew up on a 2 acre farm in Ventura County, California. My parents wanted to try their hand at living off the land. We grew or raised most everything that we ate. Mom would grind wheat and make whole wheat bread every week, in tall Apple Juice cans so more would fit in the oven. The bread pans produced cylindrical bread which made round sandwiches to match the slices of bologna that we ate daily at school. Let's just say we could have been more appreciative. The bread was delicious! The bologna, not so much!

Whole food, freshly picked and preserved was a way of life. We had a large basement with lots of wheat and other necessities to have on hand, in case there came a time when we couldn't buy what we needed to live. It never occurred to me that most people don't know about grinding their own flour to make nutrient rich food.

As a young mom, I bought my own Schnitzer stone grinder to make bread and other baked goods for my own family. With finicky eaters who don't love 100% whole grain, I developed my ORGANIC FIVE-GRAIN STONE-GROUND WAFFLE MIX. It's packed with the goodness of whole grains and is light and airy at the same time. Seeing my family snatch up these waffles, I felt satisfied that they were being well nourished while enjoying the crispy outside and the fluffy inside.

Now that my children are more independent, I decided it was a great time to market this mix. We recently moved to Wasatch County. We're inspired daily by the Wasatch Mountains and we love alliterations so.... Wasatch Waffles was born.

We're excited to share this mix with your family!

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